Please print out and send in, follow instructions on the form.  

PREUSEN STUDIOS, PO Box 310676, New Braunfels, Texas. 78130
Phone = 830-214-3382

Email preussenstudios@hotmail.com , Web Site = www.preussenstudios.com
Print this form off, fill in all needed blanks then REGULAR MAIL with payment. If you do not have a printer, use sheet of paper and copy down the information below. Please include this form and mail with payment to the address above. 
We suggest you send a drawing around any folder knife, pistol, cell phone, hand-tool, and art work. Please understand all art work crafted by Preussen Studios is an original creation and may fall under copyright. If your pocket knife is a fixed blade type, you may send in the knife. Sender is responsible for insurance and we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If you know a particular brand, maker or model knife, weapon or unique feature, please include photos, measurements and a good description of the work desired.

(**ART WORK: Send a simple drawing of what you want done, on the back of this form.) Send by regular mail to the address listed above. (**Every product comes with one of our company maker/logo/brand stamps to authenticate that we created this product. If you do not want any maker stamp anywhere on your product then please INDICATE THAT in the special instructions).  
Initials are 3.00 ea. Outline stamping is $3.00 per item. Snap replacement is at $4.00 per snap and you have a choice of Brass or nickel. Re-riveting is $2.00 per rivet, brass or nickel. Individual stamps from our selection run $3.00 each (Deer, fish, cross, octopus, star – many stamps available). All our leather products are treated with beeswax or beeswax products, which are all natural.  
Remember that each product is custom made for each customer. There is NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND, and all sales are final. We do not accept orders by phone at this time.  
ORDER - FORM: (This form is used for all products. Fill in ONLY THE BLANKS NEEDED for your product. If there is none just list all information for your product on back. ** DRAW AROUND your item (pistol, folder knife, cell, hand tool), showing flat view and edge view, include photos please.

Date: _________________ 

Regular Mailing Address_______________________________________

Stock # __________________ Style ____________________Color_______________
Belt Size _________________Belt Body Width ______________Belt Taper Size __________
Plain/Tooling Pattern/Carving Pattern ___________________________

Right Side or Left Side Carry _____________
Slant/Vertical/Horizontal Hang (or something special) ___________________

Open Top or Snap Flap ______________ Sewn or Laced Edge ___________
Special Instructions (Use back if needed) __________________________________
 Repairs (Please indicate)____________________________________________________

ALL OTHER PRODUCTS: Just use the back of this order for all other products and if you have questions call or email and we will guide you along.

****************BASE PRICE = ___________
**( EXTRA WORK - Charges as listed or call us) ..............................................=_______

  Texas Residents must pay .0725%Tax.................=_______
< $1-$50 >=8.95,
< $51-$100 >=11.95,
< $101-$200 >=16.95,
< over 200 >= 20.95,

  Grand Total =_______

 PAYMENT: We accept Cashier Checks, money orders and credit cards. We do not accept personal checks. We also accept some barter exchange, if worked out ahead of time. We always accept gold and silver, subject to testing.  
 We appreciate your business.
Preussen Studios 2015